Turn A Wicker Clothes Hamper Into A Storage Basket

  • Make A Cushion Basket

Turn a wicker clothes hamper, about $20 from bargain shops, into a storage basket for outdoor cushions. 

Paint the basket, then make a bag liner from laminated cotton. Add castors to the base and an MDF top so it can double as a drinks trolley.

Cut two fabric rectangles, then sew around three sides with the right sides facing. Start 10mm from the edge of one short side and leave a 10mm hem, then fold over the top and sew around the bag, leaving the ends open. 

Attach a cord to a large safety pin and feed it through, then knot the ends and turn the bag inside out. 

clothes hamper turned into outdoor basket
This portable storage solution has a liner to keep cushions dry

bag liner, handyman magazine
Paint the basket, then make a bag liner from laminated cotton

Step 1. Paint the basket

Wash the basket with warm, soapy water so it is free of dust, dirt or grease and let it dry. Paint the basket by spraying it with exterior primer inside and out, then apply two coats of white exterior acrylic, holding the can 300mm away from the surface and spraying from side to side.

Step 2. Make the top

Use a jigsaw to cut two discs the size of the basket top from 16mm MDF, then laminate them together using exterior PVA adhesive. Cut a disc from 12mm plywood to fit inside the base, mark the castor screw locations and position the disc on the basket base to drill clearance holes through both.

Step 3. Finish the basket

Prime and paint the MDF top, then mask off the basket with painter’s tape to apply blue exterior acrylic with a paintbrush. Position the disc in the basket base, using 30 x 3mm machine screws, washers and nuts to secure the castors through the ply. Position the painted MDF top on the basket.

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