Whether you're buying a brand new home or an investment property, or planning to borrow money to renovate, we can help you get your finances on track. Plus, follow our expert guides to flipping houses as a profession, renovating your place to sell or add long-term value, and boosting kerb appeal.

35 brilliant ways to save money around your home
These simple projects and maintenance tasks will help you achieve the thing we love most about DIY: saving money!
7 Tips To Add Value To Your Home
Using neutral colours and standard designs for the reno is common but you don’t always have to play it safe to appeal to buyers down the track, says Andrew Winter, host of the LifeStyle Channel’s Selling Houses Australia. "Renovate your home the way...
Guide To Renovating To Sell
When you’re renovating to sell, it’s difficult to know where to spend time and money. Get it right and you could increase profit. Get it wrong and you’ll be throwing money down the drain.
 ‘Spending a little in the right place can make a big impact w...
How To Finance Your Renovation
Every homeowner considers renovating at some point, from a major extension to a coat of paint. But it costs to do a makeover. To DIY you need tools and equipment and to call in a professional means paying an invoice. Like all financial questions, how...
Why You Should Get A Home Loan Health Check

Why You Should Get A Home Loan Health Check

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, now is a good time to check if your home loan is still the right one for your needs. Here are some reasons why it’s important to do a home loan health check: To secure a more competitive interest r...
How To Flip Houses

Turn your renovating hobby into a full-time job with Cherie's tips and tricks 

Australia is full of houses that are structurally sound, but cosmetically tired, according to Renovating For Profit’s Cherie Barber. Earlier architectural styles, such as Federation and Victorian, have an integrity and charm worth preserving, but...
DIY Careers

If you’re good at fixing things, why not turn it into a whole new career? Image: Getty Images 

Training in one job doesn’t mean you have to stay with it for life. If you’re a hands-on person looking for a change, then a career in DIY could be for you. Here are four handy people who turned their backs on their original career and found succ...
How To Get Through A Renovation Without Getting A Divorce

A badly planned renovation could turn into a demolition job on your relationship. Image: Thinkstock 

When does a renovation stop being a project and become a battle of the sexes?  For normally happy couple Rachel and Mike, the bickering escalated until there was a messy accident.  ‘Mike was attaching a glass light shade. I was lifting it. I sh...
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Ask anyone who’s survived a renovation how it went and chances are you’ll hear stories about budgets stretched to breaking point, termites discovered, builders gone bankrupt and work put on hold. Even a mini crisis, like a delivery mishap or meas...
A recently renovated kitchen to sell a house for profit
Opening up the living space and letting in light transforms the room and appeals to potential buyers.
Pictures: Sue Ferris
Everyone knows someone who’s made a motza flipping houses or bought their home for a song.  Thanks to all the home reno shows, buying and making over a house in need of TLC might look like a no-fail money-spinner. Part-time property dabbler...
A Renovation Nightmare

A modest home renovation turned into a major budget blowout

Sydney couple Ali Watts and Damien Stewart knew they had to work fast to buy their home in January, 2010. The unrenovated, deceased estate property had attracted more than 40 parties to its first open for inspection.   Surrounded by bush and featurin...
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This former office space is now a one-bedroom flat with a kitchen, laundry and open-plan living area. Image by: Arunas Klupsas 

Jan Newland’s two-storey blue-chip commercial space in the Sydney business hub of North Sydney was starting to feel a little too spacious. After over a decade of running her communications company, Eden Media, Jan planned to scale back her work commi...
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Clever renovating will see you increase the value of your home

Planning to sell your home? The best way to maximise profits is by creating a well-maintained property that new owners can move into without doing major work, says professional renovator Cherie Barber.   As owner of successful Renovating for Profit,...
Find A Pain-Free Mortgage

Buying property can be daunting as well as exciting

Buying property can be daunting as well as exciting. After all, it’s probably the biggest investment you’ll ever make and paying off a mortgage is a responsibility you’re likely to be tied to for many years.   On the plus side, home ownership has bee...