Timber Spice Carrier

  • Timber Spice Carrier

Create a small box from 90 x 12mm pine to neatly hold your packets of spices, then divide it into three sections using 3.6mm plywood. Drill holes in the ends and add rope handles to make it portable.


Step 1. Mark and cut

Mark and cut two 335mm sides and two 125mm ends from the pine, then one 335 x 149mm base and two 135 x 85mm dividers from the plywood, using a circular saw.

Step 2. Draw the lines

Draw the lines for the dividers on the base, cutting 3.6mm wide and 5mm deep rebates in the sides. Secure the ends and sides with adhesive and dowels or 30mm x 8g screws.

Step 3. Attach the base

Attach the base with adhesive and nails, then drill two 6mm holes in each end. Slide dividers into rebates and sand, prime and paint the box. Tie sisal rope in the holes for handles.

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