Tetris Shelves

  • Tetris shelves

Based on the hit video game, this shelving system's bold colours and unusual shapes make it a real attention-grabber, and the pieces can be rearranged into literally millions of combinations.

In the February 2016 issue of Handyman, we explain how to build this shelving system using plywood. Click here to get this issue of the magazine online.

We have included additional instructions to make assembling these shelves easy.

Step 1. Cut the mitres

Instead of half-lap corners, you can use mitre joints reinforced with biscuits. The lengths of the sides don't need to be modified, but remember that some pieces will need opposing mitres, while others will need parallel ones. Cut the mitres by setting a circular saw to cut on a 45° angle and measuring the offset distance between the edge of the blade and the side of the base plate, clamping a straightedge this distance from the cut line and sawing the pieces.

Step 2. Make the biscuit slots

Set the fence of a biscuit joiner to 45° and mark centrelines for biscuits 70mm from each edge of the mitres. Push the fence firmly against the mitre, switch on the biscuit joiner and slide it into the timber to cut the slot.

Step 3. Secure the joints

Apply PVA adhesive to the joining faces, biscuits and slots. Push the biscuits into position then assemble the joints, using corner clamps to hold them until the adhesive dries.

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