Spring Lawn TLC

If your grass is suffering from winter wear and tear, there’s plenty you can do to get it in shape.

Spring Lawn TLC

A cool, shady winter can take quite a toll on even well-maintained lawns so, if yours is still suffering from a case of the post-winter blues, don’t feel that you’ve dropped the ball.

If you understand the underlying problems and apply the right remedies, your lawn will thank you for it.

A little work now will see your patch of grass looking fabulous in next to no time and will set it up well for the warmer months ahead.

Here’s our easy guide to getting it lush, green and healthy.

Adam Woodhams

For soil to support quality plant growth, it needs to have spaces that air, water and nutrients can be transferred through.

This can be hard to achieve in lawns, as the soil is constantly being compacted, so the simple way to fix this is through aeration.

SPIKED LAWN ROLLERS are an easy and efficient way to aerate large lawns. Pick up a roller from your local hire shop, fill it with water, then pull it around the lawn.

GARDEN FORKS are ideal for small areas. Drive the fork about 50mm into the soil and gently rock it back and forth.

Repeat every 50mm across the compacted area.

Work backwards to avoid walking on the aerated parts.

Compacted soil reduces the movement of water, air and nutrients to the grass roots, leading to tired-looking turf and worn or dead patches. Here's how to aerate it.

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