Spray fast and easy with JFLEX Spray Shelters

Spray fast and easy with JFLEX Spray Shelters

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Using a dedicated spray booth or spray shelter can turn any simple domestic spray job into one that gets professional results.

A spray booth is one of those garage must-haves that pays for itself in results, time and again.

A spray booth allows for minimal fuss and mess, eliminates the problem of overspray and turns an ordinary work bench into a professional jobsite.
JFLEX Spray Shelters

The beauty of JFLEX Spray Shelters is the sizing and ease of use. Both sizes can be installed and uninstalled anywhere in seconds. The Bench Top Spray Shelter is perfect for people who have a limited outdoor area to work in, such as an apartment balcony, garage or single car space.

The Bench Top shelter offers complete protection limiting overspray drift – ideal for painting smaller items.
JFLEX Spray Shelters

The JFLEX Spray Booth is perfect for larger items such as furniture, bicycles, fencing and more. It features a built-in roll down front screen to keep freshly painted items protected and also includes a vent for air flow, allowing your items to dry faster.

More importantly, the detachable floor allows the object being painted to remain stationary while the booth itself is moved around it, allowing for easier access to the back of the item being painted without needing to move it.

For more information on the JFLEX Spray Shelter and the entire JFLEX range, head to your local Bunnings.

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