Restore An Outdoor Timber Table

  • Restore An Outdoor Timber Table
  • Restore An Outdoor Timber Table, BEFORE

Stained timber furniture makes a fantastic addition to a backyard, but without proper care its colour will start to fade. 

Left to the elements timber furniture will eventually rot, becoming unsafe to use and tricky to repair. Restoring faded timber is simple and it only takes a few hours to make it look like new. 

Clean and protect your timber furniture twice a year in spring and autumn to keep it strong and looking great all year round

Step 1. Scrub it clean

Scrub it clean using a hard bristled brush to remove any dirt clumps, leaves, twigs and cobwebs, then soak with a garden hose.

Step 2. Wash all surfaces

Wash all surfaces using deck cleaner diluted in water, focusing on gaps and joints. Rinse thoroughly with a hose and allow to dry.

Step 3. Protect timber

Protect the timber by applying at least two coats of garden furniture oil evenly onto all surfaces using a paintbrush.

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