Repot An Indoor Plant

  • Repot An Indoor Plant , After
  • Repot An Indoor Plant , Before

Most indoor plants need repotting every couple of years. Even if the plant hasn’t outgrown its container, potting mix degenerates and needs renewing to supply the plant with nutrients.

If it is root-bound or has grown considerably, the plant will need a bigger pot. Select one 50 to 100mm larger in diameter than the original.

Step 1. Remove the old pot

Lift the plant from the old pot and if it is root-bound, tease out the roots from the potting mix. Part-fill the
new pot with fresh potting mix so the plant will sit about 25mm below the rim, to stop mix and water spilling out.

Step 2. Fill with potting mix

Position the plant in the pot, then fill around the rootball with potting mix using a hand trowel. Firm the mix lightly by hand but don’t pack it around the roots, as this could impede drainage.

Step 3. Water in well

Use sharp secateurs to cut off any dead foliage or flowers, then water in the plant well using a watering can. Before taking the plant back indoors, give it a gentle spray with the hose to rinse off the leaves.

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