Premium Fencing Made Easy

Create a DIY outdoor masterpiece with high quality fencing solutions from ModularWalls

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Achieve a rendered-look aesthetic with Premium Fencing by ModularWalls. If you can dig a hole, then you can build this wall - the simple post and panel system ensures DIY is fast and easy. Feel accomplished with a designer fence that will add value to your home.

The durable, lightweight panels are specifically made to withstand harsh Australian conditions. Each panel is acoustically rated (RW27), fire rated (BAL29) and can withstand strong winds, making them suitable for cyclone-prone regions (A&B).

The seamless, modern design can match the style of any home as they are fully customisable. Letterboxes, lights and paint colours can all be personalised to create a fence that complements your home. Feel confident that you are receiving a quality product, as all ModularWalls are Australian Made and come with a 15-year warranty.

ModularWalls Premium Fencing can be used in a vast number of applications. Whether you need a boundary or backyard fence, a backdrop to your pool area, or to increase the privacy of your corner block– ModularWalls Premium Fencing can create an outdoor space you can be proud of.

This fence only takes one weekend to install — no need to hire any trades. So simple, it can be done in just four steps:

1 dig holes





With a range of different options to suit your home’s architectural style, a ModularWalls Premium Fence can be the solution for any backyard renovation.

Increase the value of your home with a modern, designer fence that reduces traffic and neighbour noise, doesn’t require council for under 1.8m high and is durable yet lightweight, making it quick and easy to DIY.

Why settle for an ordinary fence when you could create your own masterpiece of a Premium Fence by ModularWalls? ModularWalls recommends their SlimWall product as the preferred product for a premium fencing solution. Find inspirational SlimWall fence ideas on the ModularWalls website.

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Premium Fencing Made Easy

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