Plant A Perennial Garden

  • Plant A Perennial Garden

Instead of trying to establish a lawn that just won’t grow, plant a perennial garden instead. Perennial plants live for two or more years.

Consider the mature size of the plants when spacing and positioning them then cover the entire area with mulch, adding stepping stones for weeding and watering access.

Step 1. Break compacted soil

Break up compacted soil by digging with a sharp spade or garden fork, removing any weeds and digging in compost and manure to about 200mm deep then water

Step 2. Lay fabric

Lay out landscaping fabric to cover the area, securing it at the corners with anchor pins. The fabric smothers weeds, retains warmth and lets water soak through.

Step 3. Mark pattern

Mark the planting pattern using chalk, cutting holes for the plants with a utility knife, position the perennials then cover the fabric with mulch and water well.

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