Paint A Canvas

  • Paint A Canvas

Transform an outdoor room with a canvas artwork created using screen printing techniques. 

If you already have a screen printing kit, you simply need to buy a blank canvas to create original wall art on a DIY budget.

To make the stencil for a large canvas or wall hanging, use self adhesive paper, such as Contact.

When using this method to paint a canvas, limit yourself to four or five colours, and consider using an online palette generator to take the guesswork out of choosing which colours work best together.

Use acrylic paint for both the background and the stencil, but dilute the background colours with water for a soft effect that won’t compete with your design. Apply the darkest colour  for the stencil pattern.

TIP Allow the background paint to dry before screen printing.

Step 1. Paint the canvas

Use a wide brush to paint vertical and horizontal lines on the canvas at staggered intervals, allowing the paint to dry between layers. Keep in mind that the top layers will be the more dominant colours on the canvas.

Step 2. Make the stencil

Sketch the design of the stencil on a sheet of self adhesive paper using a pencil, then cut out with a craft knife. Peel the backing from the paper and apply the stencil to the outside of the screen printing frame.

Step 3. Apply the design

Lay the canvas flat on the table, then position the frame over the canvas with the outside face down. Apply a thick line of acrylic at one end of the frame, then spread the paint across the screen using a squeegee.

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