Orbiter Cabinet Templates and Tips

Pursuading kids to put away toys can be a battle, but giving them a rocket storage cabinet makes the job a lot more fun.

In the February 2016 issue of Handyman, we explain how to build this fun cabinet using timber and Corflute. Click here to get this issue of the magazine online.

We have included templates for the parts below, as well as additional instructions to make assembly easy.

Clamp the planform

Apply adhesive and push halves of the planform together. Use bar clamps at the narrower end and bind the larger wing section by wrapping it with a tiedown strap then ratcheting it tight. Use an offcut to shield the plywood from the ratchet.

Align the halves

Apply interior PVA adhesive and tap in the dowels on one side, then position the planform on a flat surface and align the dowels with their corresponding holes. Use baking paper, a drop sheet or plastic wrap to catch any drips.

Edge-join the planform

To save money and reduce wastage, the planform can also be assembled from two identical pieces cut from a lengthways half-sheet of 12mm plywood and joined edge-to-edge. Start by drilling holes for 6mm dowels using a dowelling jig and 6mm brad-point bit, 50mm and 150mm from the nose end and then at 200mm intervals. Use dowel centres to transfer the hole positions to the second half.

Secure the engines

The main engine nozzles are made from children’s plastic drink tumblers, sanded lightly with 120 grit paper and painted with matt black enamel. Secure them to the base of the carcass by drilling 2mm pilot holes 75mm in from the sides and base shelf edge, and 120mm from the planform for the side engines. Use an extra-long driver bit to secure a screw through the base of each cup.

Feather the edges

Before painting the cabin, feather the edge of the Corflute into the collar using a two-part filler such as Pro Form Builder’s Filler

Cuting the shelves and ribs

Cut each shelf and pair of door ribs as a single unit. The kerf of the jigsaw blade will provide suitable clearance, but mark each set with numbers or letters to ensure everything matches perfectly when assembled.

Back Support Template
Cabin Cladding
Front Cabin Support
Shelves and Ribs
Tail and Divider
Window Stickers
Hatch and RCS Stickers
OMS Front
OMS Side
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