How to install a new door handle

  • New door handle

Updating handles can instantly modernise an interior door for minimal outlay. Handles with locks can add extra privacy to bedrooms.
To replace the door handle, check the existing lockset to make sure the replacement matches the hole already drilled, which may suit either 54mm cylinder locks or 35mm tubular locks.
Also measure the backset, which is the distance from the door edge to the centre of the hole.
TIP You can fit the lockset in minutes using a kit such as the Door Lock Installation Kit, about $30, from Ryobi.

1. Remove the existing set

To remove the knobs, turn the rosette covers anticlockwise, then unscrew the backing plate and remove it. Pull out the spindle and remove the latch faceplate. Drill 6mm holes for the new screws.

2. Secure the new latch

Check the new hardware fits the existing recess, using a chisel to enlarge it, if necessary. Position the latch in the door recess, then secure the faceplate in position using the supplied screws.

3. Install the handles

Insert the spindle through the latch hole and position the handles, securing with the screws provided. Use a hex key to tighten the grub screws securing the handles, then push on the rosette covers and turn them clockwise.

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