How To Make Over A Frameless Mirror

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A designer framed mirror could cost hundreds of dollars, but you can create a similar item at home for under $50. All you need is a frameless mirror, balsa wood, spray paint and Selleys Kwik Grip Crystal Clear Contact Adhesive, plus a few basic tools including a craft knife, metal ruler, and masking tape.
This mirror features a geometric design using pieces of balsa wood cut to size. The lightweight balsa wood is then painted and attached to the glass using contact adhesive to create a stunning, modern mirror on a budget.

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Step 1. Measure the mirror

Measure the length and width of the mirror. Sketch out your design on paper, then calculate the number of pieces required and their sizes. Balsa wood is delicate, so ensure you purchase enough to account for breakages.

Step 2. Cut the balsa wood

Cut the pieces of balsa wood to size using a craft knife. Use a metal ruler when cutting the strips lengthways, and use a square for crosscuts. Use a new, sharp blade and make multiple passes, scoring the surface first to ensure a clean cut. Lightly sand the balsa wood using fine 240 grit sandpaper to remove any rough edges.

Step 3. Test fit the pieces

Test fit the pieces on the mirror by arranging them in position. Once you are satisfied, mark the outline of the pieces using masking tape so you know where to apply the contact adhesive later.

Step 4. Apply spray paint

Paint the pieces of balsa wood using spray paint, holding the can about 30cm from the surface and applying the paint in even strokes. Balsa wood is very light, so you may need to secure the pieces in place using Blu-Tack to prevent them from being blown away. Ensure you work in a ventilated area and apply spray paint in a cardboard box to prevent overspray.

Step 5. Apply the adhesive

Once the paint has dried, apply a thin layer of Selleys Kwik Grip Crystal Clear Contact Adhesive to the underside of the balsa wood pieces and to the glass, then leave until touch dry for about 15 minutes. Masking tape should be removed straight after applying Kwik Grip to the mirror to help keep the edges clean.

Step 6. Attach the pieces

Position each piece on the glass one by one, pressing down firmly. The adhesive grips immediately on contact and cannot be repositioned, so take extra care during this step to ensure that each piece is aligned correctly. The adhesive dries clear, making it ideal for use on glass surfaces.

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