Make a wildlife retreat in the garden

  • A birdbath in the garden

Give birds, lizards and other small animals a place to call home by creating a wildlife retreat where they can forage and live safely.

This great idea works in gardens large or small, and the kids can help with the planning and planting.

Flagstones are used to create hiding spots for animals with plants nearby to provide cover and food.

A water source for flying visitors is a must but make sure it’s high enough to be safe from dogs and cats.

Step 1. Position the stones

Clear the area of plants, weeds and rocks. Position the flagstones so they are well supported with mini dens underneath, ensuring they won’t be flooded and with at least one in a safe, sunny spot for lizards to bask.

Step 2. Add the plants

Position native plants like dianella and grevillea near the flagstones to provide cover for animals in the dens. Dig planting holes to twice as wide as the rootballs then position the plants, backfill with soil and water in well.

Step 3. Install a birdbath

Add a pedestal birdbath among the native plants and fill it with water. In this garden, the base was a salvaged antique chimney pot and the bowl a terracotta saucer attached using landscape construction adhesive. 

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