Make A Succulent Ball

Christmas guests will be amazed when they see this beautiful succulent ball suspended from a tree or pergola, or taking centrestage in a courtyard.

Make A Succulent Ball

It’s easy to make, just buy two wire-framed hanging baskets, remove the liner and replace with moss, then plant the basket from the outside with a selection of succulents.

You can use cuttings in the ball but leave them in a brightly lit spot for three days to form a callus before planting. Or divide echeverias and sempervirens to use the small rosettes.

Once it is hung, water the ball well, then at least once a week, and feed every couple of months with a soluble complete plant food.

Keep in mind the ball is alive and growing, so after about a year you’ll have to rejuvenate it by replacing plants that have outgrown it.

If you have enough succulents, make a second ball to give as a gift.

Step 1. Plant the cuttings
Step 1. Plant the cuttings
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Take cuttings and remove the lower leaves for a stem of 50-80mm.

Line each basket with a generous amount of wet sphagnum moss. Starting from the base, make holes in the moss with a chopstick, inserting the plants.

TIP Secure any loose cuttings and rosettes with bobby pins.

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