Make A Round Bedside Table

  • Make A Round Bedside Table

With neutral colours and clean lines this geometrically styled table is designed for a modern bedroom. 

The base frame is made from 42 x 19mm DAR (dressed all round) pine, costing from $1 a metre, and the tabletop cut from a 900 x 600 x 15mm MDF HandiPanel, for $14. 

For the wraparound skirt, cut a 1600 x 150 x 3mm strip of plywood or MDF to size and secure with panel pins to the tabletop. 

To finish, sand the table lightly all over with a glove or 180 grit abrasive paper.  Fill all nail and screw holes with timber filler then apply primer and two coats of acrylic.

Making a trammel 

For maximum accuracy when marking the tabletop, make a trammel from a 300 x 30 x 3mm offcut of plywood or MDF, or any other similar strip of scrap timber you have lying around. 

MEASURE AND MARK the hole positions 29mm from each end of the timber then hammer a nail through one and use a brad-point bit to drill a hole for a pencil point. 

USE THE TRAMMEL instead of the string when marking the tabletop on the MDF HandiPanel.

TIP If you’ve cut the tabletop with a diameter of exactly 485mm, the strip of MDF or ply required for the skirt will be 1524mm long.

Step 1. Cut the tabletop

Hammer a nail 250mm from one end of an MDF HandiPanel then make a loop in a piece of string and hook it on, tying a pencil so that the point is 242mm from the nail. Mark a 485mm diameter circle on the MDF then cut
it out using a jigsaw

Step 2. Make the base frame

Chisel out 42 x 9mm half-lap joints on the 700mm legs and 575mm baseboards. Mark 278mm from each end of the baseboards to cut a 21mm deep half-lap joint. Make the frame with adhesive, reinforcing the corners with a 16mm x 6g screw in each joint.

Step 3. Secure the skirt

Apply PVA adhesive to the edge of the tabletop, position the skirt strip and roll it around the top, securing with 20 x 1.25mm panel pins. TIP Use a tenon saw to cut the skirt exactly to length once it is almost overlapping the starting point.

Step 4. Attach base frame

Position the tabletop upside down then secure the legs through the skirt with adhesive and 30mm x 6g screws, turning by hand to avoid overdriving. TIP Attach an offcut of 42 x 19mm pine on the inside using adhesive and panel pins to reinforce the skirt joint.

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