Make A Mirror Frame From Rope

  • Make A Mirror Frame From Rope

Round mirrors are a great addition to a hallway but can be very expensive and too heavy to wall-mount.

To save the plasterboard and your wallet, give a lightweight mirror a rope frame and hang it up DIY. 

Round flat mirrors about 400mm in diameter can be found online from craft suppliers, costing from $20. 

Choose a natural-fibre rope, buying enough for the frame and hanger. We used 8mm sisal for this project.

TIP Use any leftover rope to make or trim matching accessories such as the flower tins opposite. 


  • Flat round mirror
  • Natural-fibre rope
  • Hot glue gun
hang a mirror using rope, handyman magazine
You will only need three materials for this project a flat round mirror, natual-fibre rope and a hot glue gun 

make a mirror frame using rope, handyman magazine,
Give a plain mirror a rope frame for fast beachy style on a budget 

Step 1. Make the frame

Measure and cut three lengths of rope to fit around the edge of the mirror in concentric circles, making
a new frame. Use dabs of hot glue to attach each rope circle to the mirror face, lining up the cut ends neatly.

Step 2. Tie the rope knots

Allow the glue to dry completely, then cut a 1m length of rope to make the mirror frame hanger. Tie a simple figure eight knot on either end of the rope, using a few dabs of hot glue to keep it in place.

Step 3. Attach the hanger

Use the hot glue gun to secure the figure eight knots halfway down on opposite sides of the frame, with one knot covering the cut ends of the rope frame. Allow the glue to dry, trim the rope ends, then hang the mirror.

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