Make A Magazine Rack

  • Make A Magazine Rack

Use a combination square and measuring tape to precisely mark up furniture that slots together without fasteners, like this magazine rack.

Cut from a 1800 x 450 x 18mm laminated pine panel, about $25, clamp the sides and cut with a jigsaw to ensure they are identical.

A setout is only as good as how accurately it is followed, so cut slowly and switch off the jigsaw’s pendulum action for a neater edge. 

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Step 1. Mark cutouts

On the sides, mark 100mm wide and 198mm long legs, shading the waste. Mark the notches for the half-lap joints 50mm long and 18mm wide, then mark the 200 x 50mm cutout.

Step 2. Cut out waste

Use a jigsaw to cut out the leg waste, then cut the notches, leaving about 2mm of waste at the slot end to be removed accurately with a 12mm chisel, making them 50mm deep.

Step 3. Make cutout

Use a drill with a 16mm spade bit to bore a hole in the centre of the cutout, then position a jigsaw in the hole. Cut into each corner from two sides for a square finish.

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