Make a DIY Bedhead Using Pegboard

  • Make a DIY Bedhead Using Pegboard

A pegboard is usually found mounted on the wall in a shed or garage, but you can bring this workshop staple inside and use it for something other than hanging tools.

Here, we’ve taken the pegboard concept and used it make decorative storage for a kid’s bedroom. 

Headboards are easy to DIY and can be customised to suit the size and style of the bed, from framed to an ensemble

Pegboard comes in panels made of masonite, a composite wood product, or powdercoated steel. They are similarly priced at about $30 a panel, but we used masonite  because it can be easily cut to size.   

SAFETY TIP Add pegboard hooks to hang lightweight storage baskets on the headboard but remove them when the bed is occupied.


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Drill holes into stud or masonry walls to hang the pegboard securely

Step 1. Prepare pegboard

Use painter’s tape to mask off the shape of mountains on the front face of the pegboard panel, covering the sections to be left unpainted with plastic. TIP Standard single beds measure 920 x 1880mm, so to eliminate cutting use a 915 x 1220mm panel.

Step 2. Apply paint

Spray the mountain shape on the front face of the pegboard with two coats of paint in the colour of your choice, allowing it to dry in between coats. Remove the painter’s tape while the paint is still slightly wet, pulling it away at a 45° angle.

Step 3. Make the frame

Cut 30mm pine with a jigsaw to make a butt-jointed frame. Turn over the pegboard and position each frame piece against the front face flush with each edge, securing temporarily with tape. Attach the frame with screws through the back of the pegboard.

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