Make A Craft Station From Pegboard

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Kids’ craft usually involves glue, glitter and paint so it often gets messy, but you can keep order by using pegboard.

Cut it into the shape of your child’s first initial and use this letter as a wall-mounted craft station to put tools on show when they are not in use.

Lay out everything you want to hang on the pegboard before cutting the letter to make sure it fits. Take a picture or make a sketch to use as a reference when it comes to hanging the items.

full pegboard, handyman magazine,
Colourful tools can make cute display pieces

Studio shelf 

Give junior artists a shelf to store and display their pencils and other tools of the trade, and clip artworks to the front to make a mini gallery.

The fastest, simplest way to put up a shelf DIY is to use an adhesive that’s up to the job. You’ll need an ultra-strong, water-based adhesive like Sika MaxTack, which forms a strong bond after three seconds. 

Items can also be repositioned for up to five minutes and it cleans up easily with water.

studio shelf, handyman magazine,
Give junior artists a shelf to store and display their pencils and other tools of the trade

Step 1. Prepare pegboard

Draw a letter on cardboard using a straightedge and a marker, then cut it out with scissors. Position the cardboard template on the front face of a 1220 x 915mm pegboard panel, secure it temporarily with tape and trace around it with the marker.

Step 2. Cut the shape

Lay the pegboard with the front facing up on a pair of sawhorses and clamp in position, using a jigsaw to cut out the marked letter shape. Sand any rough cut edges, then apply 20mm wide coloured painter’s tape around the edges of the letter.

Step 3. Add the hangers

Thread ribbon through the pegboard holes and knot it at the back to create card holders, then insert pegboard hooks into other holes for hanging tools. Wall-mount the letter using picture hanging strips rated to take the weight when fully loaded.

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