Make A Cat Climbing Tree

Keep kitty entertained and save your furniture with this cat climbing tree

Make A Cat Climbing Tree

Elaborate multi-level cat trees are popular products in pet stores, but they aren’t cheap and usually can’t be adapted to suit your home.

This DIY play equipment will challenge your cat and can be customised to fit the available space.

Made from 90mm diameter stormwater pipe, it can be assembled in a variety of ways and if the joints are left unglued, the structure can be modified as desired in the future.

For a more permanent design, just secure the joints with PVC cement.

This tree stands 1650mm high and has three branches that were created using 45º Y joiners.

Sisal carpet offcuts attached to the pipe provide a textured surface for climbing.

A sleeping box lined with soft carpet is attached to the top ofthe tree.

Cut the box components from a 1200 x = 900 x 12mm sheet of plywood using a circular saw and straightedge guide.

To finish, mount the entire tree assembly on a stable base.

Tip: We slid the pipe over the sleeve of a metal umbrella stand and secured it using screws.


Use PVA adhesive and 35mm x 8g timber screws to make the box.

Secure the box to the end cap with 40mm x 8g screws.

Use 30mm x 8g self-tapping metal screws to attach the tree to a metal umbrella stand.

Step 1. Cut the box front
Step 1. Cut the box front
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Draw a 280mm diameter circle on the box front panel.

Drill a starter hole just inside the circle using an 8mm bit and cut out with a jigsaw then lightly sand all the edges.

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