Make A Bamboo Caddy On Casters

  • Make A Bamboo Caddy On Casters,

Take a bamboo steamer, paint it white, add a plywood support base, then convert it into portable storage with castors. Sit the caddy on the benchtop for easy access to your favourite herbs and spices.

Step 1. Raise the height

Raise the height of the steamer by securing card around the lip with adhesive, holding it in position with paperclips until dry. Apply undercoat, then two coats of washable paint.

Step 2. Make a support

Make a support by tracing the steamer base onto 3.6mm plywood. Cut with a jigsaw, position on the steamer and use a marking gauge to draw a line 10mm from the edge. Cut with a jigsaw.

Step 3. Attach four castors

Attach four castors 20mm in from the edge of the plywood base using 3.5mm timber screws. Attach the plywood base to the steamer base with construction adhesive.

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