Maintain A Period Home

Keep on top of maintenance and repairs to preserve the heritage of traditional architecture.

Maintain A Period Home

Restoring the decorative details of an old home is just as important as maintaining the structural elements of the building.

Decorative timber, tiling and metalwork help define the style of a home and add character.

A lovingly maintained period home will always continue to increase in value.

Timber fretwork is a design element often seen on Federation and Queenslander houses.

It usually consists of decorative brackets or panels underneath verandah roofs. Cleaning and repainting fretwork regularly will ensure it lasts for decades.

If the timber begins to rot, the fretwork will need replacing.

Simple designs can be reproduced with a scroll saw, but if the original is prohibitively intricate, then use a store-bought replacement instead.

Tesselated tile floors
Tesselated tile floors

In this tiling method, small squares, blocks or triangles are arranged in chequered or mosaic patterns.

This technique was first used by Cistercian monks in the 12th century, who made earthenware tiles, and it’s a common feature on Victorian and Federation homes.

The tiles are quite plain on their own, but add vibrant colour when laid out in geometric patterns.

MATCH new tiles to old tiles by removing the damaged tile and taking it to a supplier.

LAY new tiles in less visible areas. Remove tiles from out-of-the-way spots to replace prominent ones.

REPLACE a damaged screed base by mixing four parts sand with one part cement, then add water to bind the mix without making it wet.

Trowel into the area and level off.

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