Lay Turf In 3 Steps

  • Lay Turf In 3 Steps

Turf needs to be laid within 24 hours of being cut so order it just before use, keeping it moist and in a shady spot.

Level off and spread a layer of turf underlay, which is a very sandy soil mix then roll it to level and lay the turf. 

Water new turf at least once a day until established, which depends on the time of year. 

Keep it moist but don’t flood it. You know it’s drying out if the leaves shrivel and lose colour.

Step 1. Prepare the area

Prepare the area by spreading a 20 to 100mm layer of turf underlay soil mix, allowing up to one cubic metre for every 10 square metres, levelling with a soil spreader.

Step 2. Firm the surface

Firm and settle the surface using a water-filled lawn roller to even out the area until it’s firm and smooth so the level doesn’t drop later then add a lawn fertiliser.

Step 3. Lay turf rolls

Lay turf rolls in a brick-like pattern, starting from a straight edge such as a wall. Use a sharp knife or garden shears to cut the rolls, water well then go over it with a lawn roller.

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