Kitchen Design Test

Answer these five fun questions for the best kitchen design ideas to suit your lifestyle

modern kitchen with black and timber laminate cabinetry

Take our test and find out what style of kitchen will best suit your lifestyle

Designing a kitchen can be a daunting tasking. The decisions you make will impact your kitchen's functionality and your cooking experience.

We've devised a test to help you pin point what kind of kitchen will best suit your needs and lifestyle. 

1. Who spends the most time in the kitchen and what do they do there?

A. I do and it’s a gourmet effort every night.
B. The whole family. It’s a games room, TV room, office and kitchen rolled into one.
C. If it weren’t for the beer and microwave dinners, the kitchen would get no use at all.

2. What’s your cooking style?

A. Serious. Masterchef contestants have nothing on me.
B. Laid-back. Dinner most nights is a casual affair but on special occasions we cook for a crowd.
C. Nonexistent.

3. How important is easy cleanup?

A. Not as important as the thrill I get from the gleam of stainless steel.
B. The room sees so much activity it has to clean up fast.
C. Convenience is my top priority.

4. If you could splurge on one luxury item what would it be?

A. A six-burner gas cooktop with electric oven.
B. An office nook where the kids can do homework and I can pay bills.
C. Ever hear of a self-cleaning microwave?

5. What would a holiday feast at your house consist of?

A. A six-course affair with expensive tableware.
B. A casual barbecue or buffet with informal seating and free-flowing drinks.
C. BYO food. It’s all about the party, not the preparation.


Mostly As

If it’s in the budget, spend the money on a professional-style cooktop and oven, and a fridge big enough to accommodate platters. Make sure you have good task lighting and choose flooring that is easy on the legs.

modern kitchen with laminate bench tops and black cabinetry

A professional-style cooktop and oven are ideal for those who spend serious time in the kitchen 

Mostly Bs

Incorporate features that will simplify your daily routine such as a self-cleaning oven, a microwave the kids can reach plus lots of counter and storage space. Consider hidden storage bins to deal with the clutter.

modern kitchen with white bench tops and cabinetry and funky pendant lights

A kitchen with lots of cabinetry and counter space is ideal for busy families 

Mostly Cs

Spend on practical cabinets and basic appliances but be careful not to spend too little. Quality counts with future buyers, and a poorly constructed and designed new kitchen is no better than a daggy old one.

modern kitchen with white cabinetry and white pendant lights
Even if cooking isn't your thing, well-made but practical appliances and cabinetry are essential 

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