Killing Lawn Weeds Made Easy

Find out how to get rid of four common lawn weeds for smooth green grass

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Healthy grass will out-compete most weeds

Weeds are carried by the wind and brought in through bird droppings, soil or potted plants containing seeds. Keeping the lawn healthy reduces the spreading of weeds.

Not just unsightly, weeds also take nutrients away from the lawn. Large weeds can mown while cutting the grass but if they have gone to seed this method will spread them over the lawn. 

It's to weed by hand or spot-weed with a suitable herbicide. 

Here are four common weeds and how to eliminate them from the lawn. 

White Clover

Raise mower blades so the longer grass shades the weed, preventing growth, and pour white vinegar on the area.

White clover lawn weed
White clover



Treat by digging it out by hand or use Scotts Lawn Builder with Weed Kill that feeds lawns while killing the weeds.

Chickweed in a lawn


Onion weed

Digging it out can leave tiny bulbs that make more pop up, so paint each leaf with a small brush dipped in glyphosate.

Onion weed in a lawn
Onion weed



Use a spot herbicide such as Yates Zero or dig out the plant, including the whole tap root, before it goes to seed.

Dandelion weeds in a lawn
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