Introducing Your Dream Garage

Weekend mechanics love warm floors
Weekend mechanics love warm floors
The Family Handyman

Tom Kapikian was looking for a DIY-friendly heating system for his new garage.

He was tired of crawling around on a cold concrete floor to work on his car and wanted a system that was quiet and efficient.

He decided to install a PEX radiant in-floor heating system and loves the results.

PEX tubing carries warm water through the slab, where it releases heat, warming the floor and garage.

Since the floor is warm, you can keep the heat set at a lower level and still feel comfortable.

You can use a conventional water heater or an on-demand water heater as a heat source.

To insulate the tubing and prevent heat loss through the slab, you install sheets of rigid insulation board under the tubing and around the edges of the slab.

And of course you'll want to insulate the garage walls, ceiling and overhead door and pay close attention to sealing air leaks around all the doors and windows too.

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