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Make a statement in your home with the new Deco door range from Corinthian

Corinthian door in modern living room

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Every interior in a home tells a story and the first thing that most people see when they enter the room is the door; a feature that is often overlooked but one that can make a strong first impression.
Corinthian Doors, Australia’s leading manufacturer of interior doors has recently launched a contemporary new range called the Deco collection, compiled of 15 modern routered door designs influenced by the international Art Deco design movement.
Using clean simple lines this interior doors range has been developed to inspire Australian homeowners and renovators to use these products as a feature of their interiors scheme.
Georgia Ezra, Interior Designer and Director from G.A.B.B.E believes that the entry and transition into a different space via doorways and the way that it integrates within the overall scheme of your interior is extremely important.
“For me, the pass through into a new area of one’s home is hugely influential. The doorway creates the focal point of suspense and reveal and sets precedence for what is to come. The best way to start the story for your interior space is to make the door in front of it a feature.”
Georgia explains that in Europe homeowners are creative and adventurous when it comes to their choice of interior door designs and colours.

“The European market traditionally places greater emphasis on its choice of internal doors as one of the most important design features of the home.”

“This trend is now emerging in Australia, which is stimulating the demand for routered door designs throughout the homes interior. Now that Corinthian has launched this modern and stylish new range I am hoping that people will start to be more adventurous and integrate these designs into their projects,” Georgia added.

Athina Solomou, National Marketing Manager – Doors Group explains how the entrance to a room sets the tone for everything within it.

“The style, the colour and the material of your door can flow onto every piece of furniture, every fixture, every fabric and every accessory in the room. Whether you’re a builder, interior designer or renovator you should place emphasis on the style of doors you choose to start your interior story,” Athina said.

With 15 designs to choose from, Corinthian now offers the latest contemporary designs and largest range of routered internal doors in Australia.

The new Deco door range from Corinthian is available at all good hardware stores. Prices start from RRP$153 Inc. GST.  For further information please visit

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