Impress All With This Retro Cassette Coffee Table

Long before the iPod, portable music was made possible by the Compact Cassette.

Impress All With This Retro Cassette Coffee Table

This cool, retro coffee table is built from overlapping layers of plywood that are initially secured with screws.

The central layer is made from two pieces joined edge-to-edge, making it easier to drill into the spools.

Tip: To cut out the enclosed shapes with a jigsaw, drill a 10mm starter hole.

Steps 1 and 2
Steps 1 and 2
Sue Ferris

1. Assemble the pieces

Cut the pieces with a circular saw and number them, round the corners and cut the details with a jigsaw.

Put the first and second layer on the base panel, checking the outer edges are flush, then secure with screws.

Repeat for the third and fourth layers.

Don’t join areas where the back and sides overlap.

2. Sand the components

Ease the three main sections apart, then clamp each of them in turn and sand the outside smooth using a belt sander.

Assemble the core stack, omitting the central spool layer, then use a rasp and 80 then 120 grit paper to shape the opening of each spool into a smooth curve.

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