How to install cabinet doors

Watch this how-to video from Kaboodle to find out how to attach kitchen and laundry cabinet doors and adjust the hinges

Installing doors and adjusting the hinges is one of the last stages of a kitchen or laundry renovation, and is completed once the cabinets have been assembled.

Attaching a cabinet door is quite simple. The first step is to attach the hinge to the cabinet. Kaboodle cabinets feature predrilled holes for cabinet hinges that make aligning the doors easy. Separate the hinge plate by pushing on the release tab, then attach the hinge tab to the cabinet using screws. Click here to watch the how-to video from Kaboodle.

The next step is to attach the hinge to the door. Insert the hinge into the bore hole, then align the holes in the hinge with the predrilled holes in the door.

To attach the door to the cabinet, simply line the hinge up with the hinge plate and click into position. Adjust the positon of the doors by loosening and tightening the screws on the hinges as shown.

Watch more how-to videos from Kaboodle.

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