How To Spray Paint Plastic Chairs

  • How To Spray Paint Plastic Chairs

White plastic chairs are a backyard staple, as they’re budget-friendly and stackable. To transform plain chairs into party-ready seating, all you need is a couple of cans of spray paint.

To get the designer paint-dipped look DIY, use painter’s tape to mask off the chair legs. Spray the seat and back in one colour and the legs in another to get the two-toned effect.

Choose a product that bonds to plastics like Rustoleum 2X Ultra Cover Paint + Primer, about $11 for a 240g can.

Or apply a primer first, then two coats of exterior paint.

Step 1. Prepare the chairs

Wash the plastic chairs well with warm, soapy water to remove all traces of dirt, dust and grease, then leave them to dry thoroughly. Measure about two-thirds of the way up each leg and mark a line using a permanent marker, then use painter’s tape to mask off the leg

Step 2. Paint the seat

Working in a well-ventilated area on a drop sheet or in a homemade cardboard spray booth to protect surrounding areas from overspray, paint the seat and back. Apply two coats, holding the can about 300mm from the surface and spraying lightly in a side-to-side motion.

Step 3. Finish the legs

Leave the paint to dry, then mask off the painted section of the chair with painter’s tape and paper. Follow the contours of the chair to attach the tape tightly with a small overlap. Spray the legs with two coats of paint and leave to dry, removing the paper and tape while the paint is still tacky.

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