How to slash your water bill – permanently

More and more homes are opting for all the convenience and versatility of a water tank to help top up their at-home water needs. With a custom-built Kingspan water tank, choosing and installing the perfect tank is easier than you think.

Kingspan water tank

Whether it be as part of the conditions of a new build or renovation, or as a free-standing retro-fit, water tanks are becoming as common a sight in suburbia as they are in the bush. As useful as they are versatile, Kingspan's water tanks can help you store water for everything from watering lawns and gardens to topping up pools, flushing toilets and supplying household water appliances like washing machines. By utilising rainwater within your home, the savings can really add up on your water bill.

With house blocks getting smaller at the same time as the footprint of homes are expanding, there are two major issues you face when it comes time to install a tank: achieving the best storage capacity for the site that has the least impact on living areas and lifestyle.

Kingspan have been in the steel water tank business since 1934 and in that time they’ve learnt more than a trick or two to help you install the best water storage system for your needs. And rest assured, Kingspan are ahead of the pack in providing everything from innovative design solutions and tanks to cutting-edge rainwater system accessories.

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