How To Replace Screen Door Mesh

  • How To Replace Screen Door Mesh, AFTER
  • How To Replace Screen Door Mesh, BEFORE

Screen doors are opened and closed thousands of times a year and, if small children and pets are running around, damage can appear very quickly.

On this maple framed door, the mesh in both upper and lower panels has been pushed out from under the beading that holds the screen in place, letting flies, moths and mozzies in.

To repair, remove the door from the jamb and lay it on a level work surface. Remove the damaged mesh by prising up the timber beading using a chisel, then remove the staples. 

Replace the screen and the beading, in this case 23 x 8mm Tasmanian oak.

Smooth off using a random orbital sander and 180 grit paper, then apply two coats of finish. 

TIP Use sanding sponges to prepare the moulded timber beading. 

Repairing a hole 

Sometimes small holes appear in a screen panel and all that is needed to seal it is a quick patch of screen repair tape. 

Just cut a patch to the size you need, peel the tape off the backing and stick over the hole in the screen. Use a patch on each side of the screen to guarantee lasting adhesion.

screen door with, handyman magazine,
Small holes in a screen panel are easy to fix 

put mesh over a hole in a screen door, handyman magazine
Simply cover the hole with a piece of screen repair tape 

How to replace screen door mesh 

Step 1. Attach the mesh

Use galvanised staples to secure one end of the mesh to the frame. At the opposite end, roll mesh around a length of timber to tension. Secure on all sides with staples, spacing them 100mm apart and parallel to the edge, centred under the beading.

Step 2. Secure beading

Sand and refinish the beading and position on the door, keeping the inside edge of the beading flush with the frame edges. Secure with bullethead brads, keeping the mitred corners tight, then punch beneath the surface and fill holes with timber filler.

Step 3. Remove excess mesh

Use a sharp utility knife to trim away the excess mesh protruding beyond the line of the timber beading. Pull the excess mesh taut while running the blade carefully and at a slight angle along the back of the beading. Rehang the door.

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