How To Paint A Timber Foldout Table

  • How To Paint A Timber Foldout Table

A small folding table can be painted to make it suitable for use outdoors. Give it a garden theme with a floral top, using a stencil and spray paint in bright blue and white.

Use it as a side table for books and other items when relaxing on a deck or patio, or to hold flowers, drinks and candles when entertaining. 

When it’s not in use, simply fold it up and tuck it away, making sure it has a spot undercover.

To make the stencils, draw flowers onto paper with a marker pen and cut out. Trace the template onto the back of contact paper and cut out the stencils.

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To make the stencils, draw flowers onto paper with a marker pen and cut out

Step 1. Prepare the timber

Sand back the timber table using 180 grit abrasive paper or a sanding sponge. Wipe off the table with a dry, soft cloth, then apply a coat of exterior acrylic spray paint. Working in a well-ventilated area, hold the can about 300mm from the surface, spraying in a side-to-side motion.

Apply the stencils

To protect the table legs from overspray, use painter’s tape to attach sheets of A3 paper to mask off the tabletop. Position the flower stencils on the painted tabletop and when you are happy with the arrangement, peel off the paper backing from each one and secure them to the surface.

Step 3. Finish the table

Apply two coats of white spray paint to the tabletop, allowing it to dry between coats. Remove the tape and paper from the legs, then leave the paint to dry. Carefully peel off the flower stencils from the tabletop while the paint is still slightly tacky to reveal the blue flowers underneath.

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