How To Paint A Sisal Rug

  • How To Paint A Sisal Rug

A plain sisal rug can be painted to make a colourful striped ground covering. One of the toughest natural fibres, sisal is ideal for outdoor living. 

Use it on hard surfaces like a deck or concrete patio as a picnic rug or to create a space for relaxing. 

Search online to find a good deal on sisal, ranging from $200 for rugs sized about 160 x 230cm. 

To give the rug a striped pattern, all you need is a tape measure and a couple of rolls of painter’s tape.  

Choose bright colours in an exterior quick-drying spray paint, like Dy-Mark Water-Based Enamel.

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You will need water based enamel, tape and measuring tape for this project 

Step 1. Mark the design

Lay out the rug on a canvas drop sheet on a flat surface. Design a pattern of horizontal and diagonal stripes within a border and draw it on paper, transferring it to the rug using masking tape. Use a tape measure to space the strips of tape an equal distance apart for a perfectly symmetrical pattern.

Step 2. Apply the tape

This design used 50mm wide stripes with 50mm in between. To mask off the rug, two pieces of 25mm wide tape were used for each stripe, but 50mm tape could be used instead. When all the stripes have been taped, mask off the darker border of the sisal rug.

Step 3. Paint the rug

Spray the rug, using one colour for the diagonal stripes and another for the horizontal stripes. Hold the can 300mm from the rug’s surface and spray lightly, working from side to side. TIP Work in a well-ventilated area and wear a safety mask and goggles, using drop sheets to protect from overspray.

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