How To Paint A Room

  • paint a room yourself

With the right preparation and techniques, even a novice can give a room a professional paintjob. Just follow our steps to getting the job done right. 

The key to a professional result when painting walls is preparation. Remove furniture from the room you are going to paint, cover the carpet and clean the walls with diluted sugar soap then repair any cracks or holes with filler.
Mask off the trim and switch plates, pressing the tape into position with a putty knife for a good seal.
Ensure the room is well ventilated and don’t work on hot days as the paint will dry quickly, making it hard to achieve a consistent coverage.
TIP Fabric dropsheets stay in place and soak up splatters better than plastic.

1. Paint the ceiling

Use a brush to paint the cornices or cut in around the ceiling then a roller with an extension handle to paint the ceiling, starting at the area furthest away from the main window and working towards the light source.

2. Paint the walls

Cut in one wall using a brush then paint the wall from left to right with
a roller, starting from the base and rolling up then down, feathering the leading edge before reloading. Repeat to paint the entire room.

3. Finish the trim

Paint the masked off trim using a brush, working along the skirting first then picture rails, painting the doors and windows last.
TIP Scrape spatters off windows with a razor blade when the paint is dry.

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