How To Make A Worm Farm

  • How To Make A Worm Farm

Worms make a huge contribution to composting. They help break down decomposing organic matter and in the process neutralise soil pH. This happens when they release a thick, black paste called castings.

If you don’t have the space for a compost heap, set up a worm farm to turn food scraps into fertiliser. You can buy a ready-made farm or make one DIY in a few easy steps. 

A worm farm is a tiered system of containers with a lid. It needs ventilation, drainage and an outlet tap for directly draining the nutrient-rich liquid. 

TIP Buy composting worms from garden centres. 

Step 1. Soak Bedding Block

Soak a bedding block in water until it expands and achieves a soil-like consistency then spread it over a layer of cardboard in the top section of the farm, add about 1000 worms and cover with hessian. TIP Set up the farm in a shady spot.

Step 2. Feed worms

Feed worms shredded food scraps, paper and peelings. To add a section, make paper bridges between levels for the worms to climb, removing castings from the lower section when they leave. Let worms eat 80% of their food scraps before you add more.

Step 3. Make worm tea

Make worm tea by diluting the liquid from the tap with water in a 1:10 ratio to make organic fertiliser. Apply the worm tea to plants every three to four weeks. Always leave the tap open with a bucket underneath.

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