How To Make A Surfboard Fin Towel Rack

Find out how to make a surfboard fin towel rack in this handy DIY video from Bosch

In this DIY video from Bosch, big wave surfer Mark Visser shows how to make a handy surfboard fin coat rack.

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This rack is made from a single 1400mm x 175mm piece of camphor laurel timber, and makes the perfect addition to a coastal home or a backyard pool area.
The first step is to cut the timber in half using a mitresaw to create two pieces, one for the backing board and one to make the fins.
Trace four outlines of a surfboard fin on one piece of timer, and use a jigsaw to cut them out. Include a tab to insert the fin into the backing board.
Sand the edges of the fins to create the desired shape using a sander.
Mark out the four mounting points on the backing board, then use a router to create the four housings. Test-fit each fin, then drill a pilot hole into the backing board using a cordless drill.
Apply adhesive to the fins and insert them into the housing, then secure using screws.
Finish the timber with stain or sealer, then mount it to the wall to create a unique towel rack.

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