How To Make A Flowerpot Shelf

  • How To Make A Flower Pot Shelf

A great way to bring living colour to a small outdoor area without taking up floorspace is to add a floating shelf with cutouts for pots. 

Made from primed LOSP pine, this shelf is built using 220 x 220mm timber verandah brackets, about $12 each, from hardware stores. 

It’s designed to hold three 200mm terracotta pots in circle cutouts. We used Décor self-watering pots, about $9 each. 

For the shelf, cut two 1130mm boards from 138 x 18mm pine. Cut two 200mm side rails and one 1130mm back rail from 66 x 18mm pine. 

Step 1. Assemble the frame

Mark 40mm decorative cutouts at the base corners of the back rail and cut with a jigsaw. Position the side rails on the back rail 40mm from the ends and position the bracket. Drill and countersink pilot holes, securing with exterior grade adhesive and 40mm x 8g galvanised timber screws.

Step 2. Mark the cutouts

Position the two 1130mm long shelf boards together and mark the outline of the frame on the top, then centre the pots evenly to mark around the rims. Remove the pots to mark a cut line 10mm around the inside. TIP These pots sit 90mm apart and are located 175mm from the shelf ends.

Step 3. Cut the holes

Use a jigsaw with a scroll blade to cut the pot holes. Position the shelf boards on the frame, drill countersunk pilot holes and secure with three screws each end. Sand with 180 grit abrasive paper, then apply two coats of exterior acrylic. Hang the shelf with 65mm x 10g screws through the rails.

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