How To Lay A New Lawn In 3 Steps

  • How To Lay A New Lawn In 3 Steps

Sometimes a lawn reaches a tipping point where it has become too badly worn and you need to do some serious work to get it looking good again. 

You can try to refresh a seriously degraded lawn, but you’ll likely end up investing more time and money without ever getting a quality result.

The simple fact is that if your lawn has more weeds and bare patches than grass, then it’s time to lay new turf to restore it to health.

Step 1. Prepare the ground

Remove the existing lawn and weeds, then turn over the soil. Use a landscape rake to collect the waste material and roughly level the entire area. TIP We hired the Husqvarna TR 430 Dual Cultivator for $157 for one day.

Step 2. Lay the turf

Spread underlay mix over the area with a soil spreader. Starting from one end and working along a straight edge,
lay the turf in a brick-like pattern to help the turf knit together faster. On a slope, lay the rolls across the slope.

Step 3. Apply a fertiliser

Straight after laying the turf, apply a hose-on seaweed tonic, such as Seasol, then use a sprinkler to evenly water the lawn thoroughly. TIP We used an oscillating sprinkler so the water covered the whole lawn.

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