How To Install Solar Deck Lights

  • How To Install Solar Deck Lights

If your house has a deck, it is the area most likely to be used for entertaining and relaxing, and suitable lighting is necessary so you can enjoy your deck long after the sun has set.

Overhead lighting is useful for tasks like cooking, while spotlights aimed at a wall will give a more attractive, low-key lighting effect. Candles and lanterns on tables also help provide an idyllic setting.

For a professional-looking lighting system, install the lights underneath railings or in the decking boards.

Like solar spotlights, deck lights are powered by a solar panel, although the panels for deck lights are built in so they receive plenty of direct sunlight.

These lights can be used to create subtle dots of light along the edge of a deck.

Step 1. Mark setout

Mark the setout by positioning the solar lights along the deck in the centre of the board at equal intervals, then draw around the base of each light.

Step 2. Cut the hole

Cut the hole by drilling a starter hole in the deck with an 8mm bit, cutting along the line with a jigsaw. Clean up any rough edges with a half-round file.

Step 3. Switch on lights

Switch on the lights by pushing the button underneath, then slot them into the holes. The sensor will turn on the lights automatically at night.

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