How To Fix A Sticking Window


Repair a window that sticks by taking it out and treating the cause 

We show you how to repair a stuck window by sanding the edges to reduce friction.
“Sticking windows can drive you nuts. Just the sound and feel can be like fingernail on a chalkboard. It’s usually caused by the timber swelling or in this case, too many layers of paint.
The solution is simple but with jobs like this don’t rush in like a bull at a gate.
First up remove the chain from the sash. Most of these windows just lift and slide straight out. Set the window down in a jog you prepared earlier where you have cut a recess into a piece of wood and tap in a wedge to keep it secure. This will hold it upright while you’re working on it.
To identify what the problem was, take a look at the windowsill. Here I can where the paint has been scuffed away and the undercoat is showing through.
That relates to this area on the window here and that is the area to work on. You could use a hand plane or an electric plane, but I’m going to use a belt sander. I want to take off an even 2mm across the bottom of the window. Then check to make sure all is right.
Once that is done, prime it and finish it with a couple of coats of paint.

Handy hint: while it’s all apart, lubricate the chain. Then rehang the window double checking it no longer sticks or drags on the windowsill. Then reattach the chain.”

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