How to create a diamond dado paint effect

  • A diamond dado paint effect

Create the look of textured wallpaper with this easy techique.

Find out easy painting tips for creating this feature wall

Get the look of textured wallpaper by painting a wall then applying glaze to the base with cheesecloth.

Working from the dado rail to the skirting, mark and mask off diagonal lines with painter’s tape, pressing the edges with a putty knife to seal.

To make the glaze, mix one part paint to three parts extender.

Apply a coat of glaze using a paintbrush, pouncing it with cheesecloth.

Let it dry then apply a second coat with the cheesecloth to get a mottled effect.

Cheesecloth is cotton fabric with a loose weave available from fabric stores. Used with paint it creates a finish like paper or fabric. You can also use any lint-free material, like an old T-shirt twisted up for texture.

Cut a 750mm piece of cheesecloth and dampen it with water then lightly bunch it up to use for painting.

TIP: To add a dado rail, secure trim to the wall at a height of about 900mm.

Step 1. Mask off the wall

Apply tape across the top and base of the dado, marking it every 600mm. Use a steel rule and pencil to connect the marks with diagonal lines to form a diamond pattern. Mask off the lines, then use a utility knife to lightly slice through the excess tape and remove.

Step 2. Apply the glaze

Use a small paintbrush to apply a glaze to a diamond, pouncing it quickly with bunched-up cheesecloth. Work in small sections, let the glaze dry then apply a second layer of glaze with cheesecloth in a random pattern to create darker and lighter areas.

Step 3. Finish the wall

Remove the painter’s tape and leave the glaze to dry completely then mask off the edges of the glazed diamonds. Apply glaze to the triangles with a brush, pouncing it with cheesecloth then applying a second layer to finish.

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