How To Carve A Timber Sign

Create a timber sign for your property as a fun way to stake your claim and liven up your outdoor design.

Timber signs looks especially great in properties and décor with a laid-back vibe like beachfront homes and bush shacks.

To make a timber sign use a long piece of weathered 170 x 35mm board to carve a sign by hand or using a power chisel.

To finish, weatherproof the newly exposed timber with oil or varnish and hang it at eye level using rope.

TIP: Choose hardwood as it gives cleaner edges than softwood.

Creating the letters
Creating the letters

Find a font to suit the name and a size to fit the timber then print out and cut the letters.

We used Times New Roman scaled up to 300 point.

Older traditional fonts tend to be easier to reproduce as they were created in a time when letters were designed for carving.

TIP: For decorative motifs look online for simple line-drawing clip art.

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