House Whisperer: 6 Things Your House Is Trying To Tell You Something You Shouldn't Ignore

We don't mean to scare you… well, actually we do.


Recently, we sat down with a longtime home inspector, and he told us some tales and shared some photos that were downright frightening.

Much of the damage he's encountered could have been prevented if the homeowners had just heeded the silent signs that their house was in trouble.

1. Bulge in Washing Machine Hose?
The Family Handyman
What it means: The hose is ready to burst.

A bulging washing machine hose is an emergency. It may burst next year, next week or right now. But it will fail and it won't just leak—it will gush. In just a few minutes, it can do thousands of dollars in damage.

What to do: Immediately turn off the valves connected to the hoses. Before your next load of laundry, you'll need to replace the hoses. Buy new braided steel hoses and while you're at the home centre, invest in a pressure gauge that hooks onto a spigot or laundry room faucet.

Your rubber hoses may have bulged because your water pressure was too high. It shouldn't be more than 80 psi. If it is, install a pressure-reducing valve (PRV) before you damage other appliances and fixtures in your house. If you already have a PRV, it may be set too high or due for replacement.

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