Guide To Gravel Paths

How to choose and install gravel paths in the garden 

Guide To Gravel Paths

Choose a border for a gravel path that blends in with the surroundings. Image: Thinkstock 

Paths made from gravel are best for light to moderate foot traffic and are a budget-friendly option for flat areas.

They require maintenance to keep them weed-free and should be topped up with fresh gravel every few years.

Gravel paths need a border to keep them contained and there are several options available to suit the path’s surroundings. 

To lay a gravel path across a lawn, first dig out the turf, then flatten the soil with a shovel. Lay the border and pour over a 75mm deep layer of mgravel using a wheelbarrow, then rake it.

TIP Purchase an extra 10% of gravel to allow for initial settling. 

Types of borders 

Metal edging

Metal edging is affordable, easy to install and is almost invisible to give a clean look, ideal for curved paths. Trim the edging using a hacksaw,
set it 25mm higher than the path and secure with metal stakes.

metal edging, handyman magazine,
Metal edging is affordable easy to install and is almost invisible to give a clean look


Bricks create the most formal borders and they can be installed upright at an angle or flat in the ground. Lay bricks on a 50mm bed of sand and surround with gravel and soil to lock into position. 

TIP Use recycled bricks to reduce costs.

bricks, handyman magazine,
Bricks create the most formal borders and they can be installed upright at an angle or flat in the ground


Stone borders

Stone borders give a natural look, but they are the most expensive edging option. Lay stones on a 25mm bed of mortar, tap them into position with a rubber mallet and pack them in with gravel and soil.

stone borders, handyman magazine,
Stone borders give a natural look, but they are the most expensive edging option

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Guide To Gravel Paths

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