Guide To Stone Paths

How to design and install a stone path in the garden 

Guide To Stone Paths

Add a crazy paving look to garden beds with steppers. Image: Thinkstock 

Stone pathways have a timeless look and even a newly laid path can appear like it’s been there for decades. Each path is unique as the pieces vary slightly in colour and texture.

While laying stone is relatively easy, they are heavy to lift and may need resetting if they dip or become unstable.

To lay flagstones, position them on a lawn and use a shovel to cut around. Remove the turf, then lay a 25mm bed of paving sand. Position the stones so the tops are about 25mm above ground. 

For steppers and cut stone, dig out any turf, then lay a 25mm bed of sand and position the stones on top, filling the gaps with sand or gravel.

Use a timber board and spirit level to ensure the stones are laid evenly.

Types of stone paths 


Steppers are small stones that are irregularly shaped. They are best laid tightly together with sand, gravel or soil in between. While less stable than flagstones, they’re the least expensive option.

Steppers are small stones that are irregularly shaped

Cut stone 

Cut stone is the priciest variety but is also the neatest, as gaps are minimal. The stones may need to be cut to fit with a diamond saw. This is the best choice for a path that requires steps.

cut stone path, handyman magazine,
Cut stone is the priciest variety but is also the neatest, as gaps are minimal


Flagstones are irregularly shaped and large, and laid in a line. Their weight keeps them stable and less likely to need resetting. The centres should be spaced 450mm apart. 

flagstones, handyman magazine
Flagstones are irregularly shaped and large, and laid in a line

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Guide To Stone Paths

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