Grow picture perfect poppies

Add these delightfully delicate plants to your garden for a spectacular display of bright blooms.

Grow picture perfect poppies

Poppies embody a certain stylish simplicity, and look almost as good in bud as when in full bloom. They have the kind of easy informality that lends itself to lots of different landscaping uses such as en masse in garden beds or in pots.

In ancient times, poppies were associated with successful crop cultivation. Demeter, Greek goddess of the harvest, is often depicted in paintings holding poppies and sheaves of wheat, and is said to have grown poppies among the wheat.

One of the English country names for the poppy used to be cheese bowl.

This is because there is a small bowl in the base of the flowerhead that is filled with seeds set in latex, which has a similar appearance to cheese.

Help them thrive
Help them thrive
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Poppies aren’t hard to grow, but a few basic preparations before planting will help them perform at their best.

Soil must be free draining. Dig in manure or compost before planting.

Position poppies in a sunny spot with protection from wind.

Feed fortnightly with a soluble plant food for flowers.

Mulch around the plants with lucerne hay or sugarcane.

Water poppy plants regularly to keep the soil damp.

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