Easy Tips on Turning Roadside Trash into Treasure

Scour council clean-ups, garage sales and op-shops for hidden gems to upcycle.

Easy Tips on Turning Roadside Trash into Treasure

Far too much stuff is thrown away nowadays and takes up valuable space in landfill, so it makes sense to recycle what you can.

So before you cast off those items because they’re looking a bit worse for wear, think again, as they can easily be given a new lease of life.

It’ll save you money, too, because you won’t have to replace them.

Need a new picnic hamper? Then get down that old wicker basket that’s been gathering dust on the top of the kitchen cupboards and do it up.

Want a chair for the balcony? Dig out the tired-looking one that’s been lying around in the garage forever.

Or consider checking out garage sales, markets, council clean-ups and op-shops for easy-to-revamp items.

This basket and folding chair were roadside finds. All it took to upcycle them was a quick wash and spray.

We used Rust-Oleum 2X Ultra Cover Paint + Primer in Key Lime for the basket and Lagoon for the chair.

TIP When you’re spraying, work in a well-ventilated area or outside on a still day and put down drop sheets.

Table rescue
Table rescue
Amanda Shaw

This cane table was in a sorry state when it was salvaged from a heap of sodden furniture on a nature strip.
The paint had peeled off and it was covered with cracks and divots. The wicker around the legs was missing in places and the original top had been replaced with unsightly Perspex.

It almost looked beyond saving, but after a hose down, the damaged sections were filled and sanded, the missing wicker was replaced and the table was then primed and sprayed.

For a decorative finish, the top was covered with leftover wallpaper.

The cane magazine rack was a $5 charity shop find and was simply sprayed the same colour as the table.

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